Leverage Your ISP to Save on Petrol


Petrol prices are a hot topic in South Africa at the moment and for good reason! In South Africa, for a litre petrol, you’ll be paying an average of R21.60/litre and for diesel, you’ll have to dish out R23 for a litre. We South Africans are paying record prices at the pump to power our vehicles from A to B. The reason for these record breaking prices are, the escalating crisis between Russia and Ukraine and subsequent sanctions on Russia by the USA and UK.

Check out Diesel prices here.

And Petrol prices here.

Unless you drive one of Elon Musk’s Tesla creations, chances are, your wallet has incurred a hefty blow. But fear not! Here at Home-Connect we have amassed several ways you can save money on petrol/diesel.


1.) Work from Home

As of COVID-19, which successfully railroaded our lives in 2020 the home office and work-from-home days has become a mainstay in many business. Not having to get into your car every morning and battle the traffic for 45 minutes before you get to your place of work means that you’re instantly saving money on petrol and certainly, saving time. To work from home, all you really need is a laptop/desktop and a of course a reliable internet connection. Looking for fibre internet? Look no further than our unbeatable fibre to the home. Check your area for coverage: www,home-connect.co.za – choose your speed and sign up to save on petrol today!

2.) Keep Them Tyres Pumped!

When petrol & diesel prices soar, make sure that you regularly check your tyre pressure whenever you fill your car up with that highly prized liquid. Not only do harder tyres prolong the life of your tyre, they’re safer to drive on and make your car more efficient. Generally speaking, tyres can loose up to just under a kilogram of air per month – so it’s a good idea to check your tyre pressure every couple of weeks. Don’t know what the tyre pressure of your car should be, have a look at your car’s handbook, or head over to cars guide and fill in your car’s make, model and year.

3.) Have Meetings from Home

Whenever you can, try have meetings from home! Not only will this save you time, it will save the planet (no carbon emissions) but most notably, it’ll save you money you would’ve spent on petrol!!  “What do I require to have meetings from home?” you ask. Simple! You’ll need videotelephony software like Zoom (you can download Zoom here), a quiet, secluded space where you can conduct your meetings and of course, a reliable internet connection. Find out how much our unlimited fibre to the home costs here: www.home-connect.co.za

4.) Drive with Fuel Economy in Mind

At the end of the day, there’s always going to be a reason to hop in the car and go somewhere. And that’s when you have to to drive with fuel economy in mind! That’s right, you gotta drive like every single litre counts, because it does! You are after all, paying over R20 for it!

Here are three practical steps you can take to drive with fuel economy in mind:

1.) Keep those revs low: High revs means your car is working hard, a harder working car equals more fuel needed. Keep those revs low!

2.) Coast when possible: Otherwise known as student gear. Whenever you don’t need to use the accelerator, put your car in neutral and coast for a bit.

3.) Avoid Unnecessary Breaking: Breaking unnecessarily means you have to use more fuel to speed up. So think twice before hitting the break.

5.) Sell Your Car

Last but not least – if you have a Diesel/Petrol guzzling beast of a vehicle, perhaps it’s time to think about trading your beast in for something a little lighter on the juice. You can use platforms like We Buy Cars, trade your old car in and find something that makes your visits at the service station less daunting.



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