Here’s how technology has changed the way we live for the better


Technology has drastically changed the way we live our everyday lives. In the not too distant past, finding a friend’s house meant you’d have to whip out a physical map or decipher a complex set of directions; turn right at the big tree and left after 3.5 km. And don’t get us started on international communication. 15 years ago, contacting someone overseas was a complete rigmarole. Technology has made our lives convenient and radically reduced the time to complete simple tasks. Here are 4 ways technology has improved our lives.


1.) Convenient Communication

If you’re old enough, you’ll remember the days when someone left the house and became completely uncontactable. It was as if the said person entered a black hole and nobody knew when or how or where they went. Imagine if you urgently needed to contact that person? Or if you wanted him/her to buy some milk on the way home – good luck! Remember the days when it cost an absolute fortune to contact someone who lived overseas? You were reduced to the ancient art of writing a letter or succumbed to the outrageous bills associated with an international phone call. Advancements in technology have paved the way for faster, cheaper, and easier communication.

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2.) Easy Travel

Imagine trying to find a place to stay pre-Google or Airbnb? Or trying to find the place you booked pre-maps? You would literally have to whip out a physical map and phone book to complete the task. Or imagine what a nightmare being a delivery guy would’ve been! You’d be forced to know your city like the back of your hand. Technology has made the world of travel extremely convenient. Don’t know where to stay, simply download Airbnb on your phone, don’t know how to get there, let Google Maps direct you to the exact address.

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3.) Online Learning

The internet has made the world of learning extremely accessible. Need to learn or understand something but don’t have the finances or time to go to college or university? No problem, technological advancements and online applications have changed the way we can learn. There’s no doubt that colleges and university have their place in society but e-learning has opened up the doors to educate oneself from the comfort of your ones own home sans the song and dance of having to attend a physical institution. And with fuel prices on a perpendicular rise, we can thank our lucky stars for e-learning.

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4.) Cash Ain’t King

Remember when the ATM played an important role in your day? You’d have to go to a physical place, wait in a queue to acquire cash so that you could go to the Spar to wait in another queue to get the bread. Thank goodness those days are done with! Technology has made transferring money, purchasing goods and budgeting simple and easy. Online banking has changed the way we live – from easily transferring money to friends and family to investing in various stocks on the exchange – technology has put the power in your hands.

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