Best Fibre deals for a healthy home office environment

Given the current situation involving COVID-19, many of us have been forced to look for the best fibre deals and set up offices in the comfort of our own homes on top of all the wifi speed tests. Now for some this may be a dreaded affair, however for others, it is a dream come true. And perhaps something you and your colleagues have been advocating for many years. Regardless of your disregard or affinity towards your ‘at home work environment’ there are several steps one should take to facilitate a positive environment.

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Here are Home-Connect’s 7 tips for creating a healthy at-home work environment.


1.) Find your space.

As comfortable as it may be working under a fluffy white duvet through the middle of winter; waking up, flipping open your laptop and banging out a couple important emails using our uncapped wifi – remember that that isn’t a sustainable long-term solution. Your work space doesn’t have to be a fully equipped room in your house with a cubicle & desk (although this would be great sans the cubicle) but we encourage you to treat your bedroom like a bedroom. Your space could be a small desk in the corner of your living room, your dinning room, or in your T.V. room.

2.) Be intentional with your mornings.

Without your morning commute or set business hours, it may be easy to slip into the unwelcome habit of waking up straight into whipping out your laptop and getting the day started. We encourage all to set up a basic morning routine before work begins. This doesn’t have to be complex or lengthy – just a simple routine that allows you to consider pertinent items that need attention and it’ll help set a positive tone for the rest of the workday.

3.) Be your own boss.

Now we don’t mean you should call up your boss and tell him/her that you’re the boss now! Put on the breaks. But we want you to own your work style and that means discovering when you are most productive. This is different for everyone – you may discover that you’re most productive in the wee hours of the night, when it’s quiet, your phone has stopped making that annoying buzzing sound and the kids (if you have them) have checked into dreamland. Or this may be on the weekend when your inbox isn’t being inundated with messages. Whatever, whenever, wherever, own your work style.

4.)  Time to make a schedule.

Being your own boss and owning your work style naturally comes with a schedule. Creating a basic flexible schedule and planning what you’ll be doing when will help you manage your time and increase your productivity. This will also be helpful so you, your family members and co-workers know what to expect each day. We have found that with uncapped wifi, online schedules works the best.

5.) Lunch is important.

When working from home – especially on a busy day, the temptation to skip lunch grows strong. But remember to never burn the goose which lays the golden egg. Never. Respect yourself and your time and designate a time during the day to enjoy a lunch break. This will help you rejuvenate, refocus and attack the back half of the working day with increased vigour.

6.) Change your clothes.

This may sound silly. Perhaps even laughable. But changing your cloths plays a huge role psychologically in respecting your work hours and what you do. Perhaps your unwavering love for your pyjama pants needs to be shelved from 8am. Changing out of your pyjamas to other comfortable home-wear will make a big impact on how you feel and how you approach a work day.

7.) Unplug.

Last but by no means least, once the workday has concluded, close your computer, turn your phone to airplane mode and engage in something that will shift your gears from work life to home life.

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