Why we love Home-Connect & why you should too.

Okay, so we know we’re writing about ourselves here. But if we didn’t write about the amazing benefits there are to having us as your ISP, then how on this blue earth would you know? And thus we find ourselves in the conundrum we’re in. So to solve the issue, we’ve decided to write about the beautiful blooming garden of possibilities that exists with Home-Connect. In the hope that you would see the light, #FlipTheSwitch and make us your true ISP love! (Don’t worry, our contracts are month-to-month, so no need for matrimony ?).

Talk to a human

Imagine having an issues with your internet and then spending hours on the line, listening to a robot voice operator on the other end promoting you to push 2 and then 1 and then 3 in an endless circle of robotic misery. Sound like fun to you? Nope, neither to us. Here at Home-Connect we’re all about personal human interactions and thus we have ditched the robot world and employed real-life humans to deal with your real-life problems! Cause we know the only robot you should talk to on a daily basis is Siri, when you ask for a weather update, or ask Siri to play your ‘party playlist’. 

Two Great Apps

Here at Home-Connect we have two Home-Connect apps designed specifically to make your life as breezy as possible and customer service easily accessible. No need to even power up your laptop! 

App number one; our diagnostics app, allows us to provide you with seamless support when your internet experiences a touch of trouble. Downloading the app will help our team easily diagnose issues you may be experiencing with your internet.

And app number two; our general Home-Connect app puts the power in your hands. It allows you to upgrade or downgrade your plan, check data usage and most importantly – log a support ticket.

Download our mobile app here
And the diagnostics app here


Unbelievable prizes to be won

We love our customers. And nothing gets us more excited than spreading all that love around. Apart from given away R1000 Takealot vouchers, Bluetooth speakers, free months internet and a host of other prizes, we’ve also given away two brand new Toyota Etios’! Might as well dress Home-Connect in a red suit, with a white beard and some reindeer and call Home-Connect, Father Christmas. Yep, when you make Home-Connect your ISP chances are you’re going to be winning something at some point… or at least you’ll be in the running to win something. In 2019 we had a luck draw (which you can watch here) and we bestowed a new vehicle upon Maria Latouf and we enjoyed the whole experienced so much so – that we thought, “What the heck! Might as well give another one away!” So in 2020 we held another luck draw and gifted Lydon Oliver with a new ride:

Joining Home-Connect is like being back in pre-school; nobody leaves the game without a prize. We’re all winners. Okay it’s not quite like that, but you get our drift.


Superb VOIP Offerings

Have you heard about Home-Connect’s VOIP offerings? Well, let us inform you! Chat to your besties with Home-Connect VOIP all day long for less dime! Get a phone line with Home-Connect for the low price of R78.00 per month. Add the TalkTalk All You Can Eat Voice Add On for only R278.00 per month which will allow you FREE UMLIMITED calls to all local landline and mobile operators. 

*Includes a phone line.Or add a phone line for the low price of R78.00! And get talking for less with Voice top-ups available.

Find out more about our VOICE services, follow the link: