5 Ways the Internet has Changed our Lives Forever.

If you were born prior to the 80s you’d have some degree of knowing a life sans internet. Now that it’s here though, it is probably impossible to imagine a life without it and the convenience it has subsequently provided. So without further ado, here are five ways in which the internet has changed our lives for the better.


Do you remember the days of the Yellow Pages? A telephone directory that listed endless businesses by category? We can’t recall the last time we saw one of those books, but we all used them to find things and people, spending ages and ages flipping through the pages and calling the wrong “John Smith” several times in a row. The internet has changed all of this for us. Now all we have to do is key in a few letters and we instantaneously find who or what we’re looking for (providing you have fibre of course). Not to mention, advertising – whereas before it was lost in a big yellow book it now has become more specific and targeted so that when you’re advertising yourself online you reach your desired demographic with a lot more efficiency.


Where is the first place you go to when looking for information? Google of course. Over the last few decades the internet has become a primary source of information. You can access academic journals, online books, diets, tutorials, you name it – the internet has it. Better yet, you can access the information on your tiny smart phone. The internet has made research a lot quicker, easier and more convenient than ever before.


In the past we used to have to go to travel agents to book our travel and give us an itinerary but now we can do it all ourselves at no extra cost, without leaving the comfort of our own homes. We can view AirBnBs and hotels online, book our flights and even see a street view of our planned destination on Google Maps. We also all, already have some sort of maps app already installed on our smart phones and all we need to do is key in the destination and it will guide us to exactly where we need to be if we need to go to an unfamiliar area. This is one change you probably love if you were not so good at map reading in school.


While we may still love to browse the fashion at a good old fashioned mall, we do all have moments where we are pressed for time. The internet has helped this; if you have a specific item you need, you can just order it in two ticks and it will be delivered. Not to mention the fact that we now have unprecedented access to an unlimited number of stores globally that we didn’t once have. This allows those fashionistas in your friend groups to keep up-to-date with latests trends in clothing, tech and movies.


Lastly, the internet has enabled us to stay in contact in these out of the ordinary times by way of video calls and social media. It has allowed us to be connected without having to be in the same room. It has provided loved ones with the ability to be in each other’s lives even though they are far apart and this is something we could all be grateful for.

So all in all, if you were born after 1983 (which is the official birthday of the Internet) you’re probably used to all of these things in your lives already but just imagine you were born before, we just “can’t even.”


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