5 Jobs the Internet has Created that You can do from Anywhere

It used to be commonplace to leave our home every morning and show up at the office- coffee in hand, greeting your colleagues – but with the pandemic a lot of this has changed. The advent of the Internet in the 80s has had a dramatic effect on how we work and most certainly where we work from. The office is less relevant than its ever been before! So here’s how to say goodbye to the morning traffic slog and pickup a profession you can do from anywhere.

1.) Online Teacher.

Many people have taken the exciting route of travelling overseas to tutor English, however you don’t necessarily need to leave the country to do so. There are countless platforms online that allow you to teach students remotely. Every company has different prerequisites for teaching online, for example, having to teach for a certain amount of hours per week or having a minimum qualification. Regardless the fantastic thing about teaching English online, is undoubtedly the flexible working hours. No office, no traffic, just you, your students and our #UnbeatableFibreInternet. Check for coverage.

2.) Graphic Designer.

Almost every part of being a graphic designer involves living life behind a screen – unless you like to flesh out your designs by hand first. Platforms such as Upwork or Fiver has made the world of Graphic Designing a freelancers paradise. You are now no longer limited to acquiring just South African clients but can rake in those dollars too! All you need is your laptop, design programmes and our #UnbeatableFibre so you can send off those gorgeous files.

3.) Data Analyst.

A data analyst assigns numerical value to important business functions so that performance can be assessed and compared over time. An analyst however doesn’t only have to look at numbers, they have to know how to use data to help an organisation make more efficient and effective decisions. Data analysts require one to have an in-depth and excellent understanding of Excel and other software such as SPSS. Although this work can require much focus, the upside is you can do it from almost anywhere. Pack up your bags honey, we’re Airbnb’ing our house and working from Thailand this month!

4.) Writer.

Working as a writer can be one of the best jobs to do remotely. Writing as a freelancer can also be specialised- for example if you have a technical background you can freelance to write on that subject and earn a pretty penny doing so. Writing is an ideal remote job because you don’t particularly need an extraordinary internet connection to put pen to paper, or in our case, fingers to keyboard. The land of a writer is reliant on your imagination – and that is rent free! Find a niche, start writing, get paid and do it from anywhere. Sounds like a dream job to us.

5.) Social Media Manager

These days every company has at least one social media account. And guess what? Someone has to run it and give that company a voice – enter, the Social Media Manager. Social Media management requires you to have your finger on the pulse and deliver relevant content to your audience. The beauty of this, is that almost everything can be done from behind a screen. Prerequisites include, being fairly tech savvy, a smart planner, (because even though this job may seem “frivolous” – social media has become the backbone of many small businesses marketing strategies), being a creative writer and having some basic design skills.

And there you have it, five jobs you can do from anywhere – and not all of them involve being a graphic designer! If you are entering the workforce and thinking of options in our changing world, one of these just might be worth looking into!


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