How To Save Money While Shopping Online


Apart from the convenience factor and the serotonin boost you get when your package arrives, shopping online can have significant financial benefits. If you know your stuff, you can save a pretty penny by buying online as opposed to at brick and mortar stores. We’ve done the research and rounded up a few of our favourite hacks for saving money when indulging in online retail therapy, so that you can adopt them too!

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1.) Let it marinate

If your purchase isn’t time sensitive, add it to your wishlist and let it sit for a little. On certain weekdays, or within a week or two, the item(s) may very well be discounted and you could save a percentage on the price. Sometimes retailers may follow up with several messages or mailers to remind you about your abandoned cart, eventually incentivising you to complete the purchase by marking down the price.

2.) Set price alerts

Once again, if you have the luxury of time on your side you’re in a position to save money. For certain online purchases, especially for flights, but also for major retailers such as Amazon, you’re able to set a price alert. This means that every time the price of the product you’ve got your eyes on goes up (or down!) you’ll be notified via email. You’ll be surprised how often flight prices, for example, go down after your initial search, allowing you to save a fair amount on the total price!

3.) Make a shopping list

It’s too easy to quickly open a tab and start browsing, so before you get started, make a shopping list so that you’re clear on what you’re looking for and don’t get sidetracked. Clever retailers are very strategic in upselling you during your shopping experience, so in order to be sure that you’re actually saving money and not offsetting your savings with an unnecessary purchase, you need to go in with a plan.

4.) Compare prices

The greatest benefit of shopping online is that you have the easiest access to comparison information. You don’t need to drive anywhere to check the pricing at another store, instead you can quickly open a few more tabs or use a price comparison site to make sure that you really are getting the best deal. Don’t be tempted to hit “Add to cart” on the first best option – put in some time to do you research and you’re sure to find a discounted price or a bulk deal.
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5.) Subscribe to newsletters

Be sure to subscribe to your favourite retailers’ newsletters. Firstly, you might earn a percentage discount just by signing up to the newsletter. Secondly, retailers use newsletters to send out tailored deals to their most loyal customers and that way you’ll be the first to know if your favourite store has a good offer. Looking to buy a second time from the same retailer & want to cash in on another discount? Subscribe to the retailer’s newsletter using a different email address and you’ve saved yourself a few more pennies!

6.) Follow your favourite brands on social media

The best way to stay in the loop and be the first to know about deals and discounts from your favourite brands is to follow them on social media. As a social media follower you may be rewarded with exclusive discounts or promotions, or at the very least you’ll be the first to know when a limited edition product is released. What’s more, you’re able to enter the brand’s social media competitions and giveaways so you may just win the product you’ve had your eyes on and get it completely free of charge!

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7.) Sign up for online loyalty programs

Certain airlines and banks are known to have excellent loyalty programs but many other retailers including grocery stores and pharmacies have jumped on to the band wagon. Retailers incentivise loyalty as it is in their interest to obtain the majority share of your cart. Take stock of which retailers you frequent on a regular basis and then sign up to their reward programs and you’ll soon find out that loyalty pays off! Browse your app store to find out which of the retailers you visit the most have their own apps and then use it to your benefit.


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