Fibre Internet School Sponsorships.

The late Nelson Mandela, father of the South African nation once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Here at Home-Connect we couldn’t agree with Madiba more! It was those famous words spoken so many years prior that inspired us as a company along with Vumatel to connect over 50 schools around the country with high speed unbeatable fibre internet. 

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There’s no doubt that the internet plays a vital role in education. Just take for an example a query you may have… where’s the first place you go to answer your question? Google of course! Search engines like Google, Yahoo etc provide easy, instantaneous access to vast amounts of information in seconds. This makes it easier for students to research new things, relearn old things and enquire and educate themselves about subjects they may be interested in.

Here are 5 ways our unbeatable fibre internet has aided education within schools around our beautiful rainbow nation.

1.) Multimedia Learning

The internet helps students with the learning process by simplifying the knowledge. It does this by providing visual examples of what’s being taught. If you’re preparing for your final examples and you don’t know how something works, simply head over to Youtube and ask for a video tutorial.

2.) Keep Up-To-Date With the Latest Information

Information is one of the biggest advantages offered by the internet. The amount of information offered on every single subject under the sun is insurmountable. Having fast fibre internet will keep school children up to date with the latest developments regarding subjects from all fields of study.

3.) Acquire Computer Skills

Having high-speed internet will inspire school children to acquire the necessary skills to use computers. As we move forward computer skills have not only become a good skill to have but a skill you can’t live without. By providing kids with internet, it inspires them to learn how to use computers and become comfortable with them – in turn making them far more employable after school.

4.) Personalised Learning

Home-Connect’s fibre internet in schools allows learners to take a more personalised approach to learning. The internet offers an advanced autonomy, which essentially means the learner can begin to choose when, where and how to learn. Education therefore becomes a more controllable part of one’s personal life. Learners can also now take a personal approach and construct suitable ways as to how they personally acquire the knowledge.

5.) A Global Community

Having access to internet and social media allows one to become connected to a global community of people and share in a community of people who are engaging and sharing ideas on a global level. This means that even if you live in a village in the middle of nowhere or go to a school on the outskirts of town, through the internet and social media, one can still be apart of a global community and share in thoughts and ideas which are ubiquitous and relevant to the now.

Some of the schools which Home-Connect in conjunction with Vumatel has provided with unbeatable fibre internet includes: Glenanda Primary, Maronite Catholic School, Mulbarton Primary, Fourways Highschool, Auckland Park Academy and Rynfield Primary.

As a company we are extremely proud to be a part of an initiative like this. If your school wants to be apart of the initiative in receiving free fibre internet – please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!