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Fibre Deals In Queenstown


Fibre Deals In Queenstown

Fibre is coming to Queenstown! And for the best fibre deals in Queenstown, you have to look no further than Home-Connect. With some of the fastest internet speeds available, you’ll be connected and browsing your favourite pages, watching your favourite videos, seamlessly streaming your best tunes & taking that online course you’ve been wanting to do in no time at all! If you want to take your first steps into the world of lightning-fast fibre internet, you’ve come to the right place.

How to get Fibre

With ADSL being discontinued, now is the time to start your Fibre journey. The first step on your Fibre journey is to check your coverage. If your area is not currently covered – hang ten! We’re getting there!
If your area is fibre ready, however, you can move onto step 2: Selecting your package. In this step, you choose the package you want. These packages are split up by line speeds and network operators. At this point in time, MetroFibre is the network operator offering fibre deals in Queenstown. Once you’ve selected your network operator and line speed package, you can move onto step 3: Registering your account with Home-Connect. If at any point you feel you need a little bit of extra info, this How-To guide will clarify every point you need

What To Expect

With every Fibre deal in Queenstown, you can expect all the following:

Unshaped, Uncapped WiFi Fibre Internet
Month-to-month Contracts
Free-to-use dual band wifi router
Free Installation and Activation

Our routers are plug and play – no configuration is needed. You can also do an internet speed test to ensure you’re getting the speeds you’re paying for!

Home-Connect is the premier Internet network operator bringing you the best fibre deals in Queenstown. If you have any questions you need to be answered, take a look at our FAQ, otherwise, contact us today! Get your fibre journey started with us

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